Result if the body is deficient in potassium

We know, potassium is one of the most important electrolytes in the body. Potassium is useful is important to run across any role and function of the human body in their daily lives. , Potassium is alkaline and is 5% of the total mineral content of your body. Potassium is easily absorbed, but almost 90% of it will be excreted through the kidneys. But it’s also important to put out waste or toxins from the body .

Cause and effect of the body of potassium deficiency

When Potassium works with sodium, potassium will regulate water and acid-base balance in body cells. Because of the importance of potassium, potassium deficiency can cause problems in the body, which can cause symptoms such as:

Dry skin
muscle weakness
Reflexes slow
If the symptoms of potassium deficiency above are ignored, potassium deficiency will continue to cause problems with the heart.

Reason potassium in the body to be reduced

In a healthy body, the body will naturally balance the levels of potassium. However, the diseases that affect the kidneys and liver can deplete potassium levels in the body through excessive urination. Excessive fluid loss, such as diarrhea or vomiting, can also deplete potassium levels in the body.

According to some scientists, potassium has the ability to pump sodium out of the cell body, and reduces body fluids. Getting a high sodium intake is often considered to be on the high ratio of sodium-potassium, and as a cause of high blood pressure. It is more likely to be indicative of mineral deficiencies in the body such as calcium and magnesium . Prolonged dehydration can also cause depletion of potassium in the body.




Potassium also be lost from the body if excessive gain of sodium, and magnesium deficiency can also cause a decrease in potassium.

Effect of Potassium deficiency

Deviations liver function is generally considered a classic sign of potassium deficiency. Magnesium and potassium are very important for the proper functioning of the entire cardiovascular system, and this will prevent heart disease and stroke. Sodium ratio> high potassium in the body could also be an indication of a result of lead poisoning. Minerals such as copper, cadmium, mercury, nickel and aluminum will increase the levels of sodium, potassium so it will suppress this increase, as a result the ratio of sodium> potassium.

Stress can cause increased sodium in the body. Producing adrenal hormones aldosterone and cortisol, which are the two main hormones that regulate sodium and potassium levels. Comparison of sodium-potassium can be used as a rough indicator of aldosterone secretion in relation to cortisol. And this balance is essential for optimal health. When your body gets tired, adrenal and thyroid gland activity will decrease, this leads to an acute stress response also causes the sodium-potassium ratio is high.

source of Potassium

Most of the food we eat actually contains potassium, so it is not an excuse if our body potassium deficiency. The best sources of potassium are fruits and vegetables fresh. Best options include: potatoes , oranges, carrots, cabbage and onions. The other largest sources of potassium are grains, such as beans, wheat, salmon, sardines, garlic and parsley. And the most high-potassium foods are fruit bananas.