This 5 accessories required for cool guy


This 5 accessories required for cool guy – Accessories are not limited to a complementary style. Give one or two accessory items may change the overall appearance. You even do not need to spend more effort.

Below most basic accessory should possess every stylish guy.

1. Shoes
It’s OK if you’d like to use sandals everywhere. But the more you look more pleasing to the eye with a shoe.

Strive at least you have two types of shoes, the sneaker casual and dress shoes like oxford shoes for the event semi-formal or formal.

2. Hours tanga
Currently watches not only serve to know the time. Benefits that one has been met by your smartphone. But watch with masculine style types can be falsifies the display.

3. Glasses
To bustle outside the room, you can seem style with sunglasses in other words monocle dark. Not necessarily black, you can choose lenses with other colors are more eye-catchy.

4. Bracelet
Bracelet accessory is no longer a special girl. Rope bracelets, woven leather, or beads with a dark color will make tampilanmu even more masculine.

5. Hats
One more accessory you should use the time to do activities outside space, namely hats. There are several types of hats that you can specify, for example beanie, baseball cap, snapback, or a bowler hat for you who love looks neat.

Well, that was in part a special accessory for a guy that you must have

Some Mistakes Dressed Men


Some Mistakes Dressed Men – For active men and the quality seems to have become a necessity to pay attention to the display. At least for a first impression on others, we can give more confidence and self confident when I see. Generally, men do not like women who like grooming, preening, and shopping. They fear in saying keganjenan, gay, guy or whatever metropolis. They want a simple and visible what is. I think that as a reason why many men who is still have a problem in a matter of fashion. You do not need to be afraid with all the negative assessment, along the way you are dressed in ordinary, casual and not too excessive surely you will gain special attention. Blazer Pria Murah

Women as well as to respect the view that men do. No half-hearted they are also often review appearance of men they meet their time hanging out in cafes, malls or other public space.

Usually, women also like men who are clean, looks fashionable and smart socializing. You will only have a dream when the wanted woman but your own fashionable look unorganized / have no problem in wearing apparel.

So, if you want to buy clothes or other clothes, please ask at your female colleagues to give advice what a nice dress for you. Because usually women are more out in the matter of fashion than men.

The mistake most wear clothes (fashion mistake) man:

1. The oversized shirt / loose and do not fit in the body
Loose clothing / greatness only fit in use at home to relax. Do not let you use when going to the official place, hangout, cafe and others. Except if indeed you want once looked like a scarecrow.

2. Wear a tie with a short sleeve clothing
The more the better when you wear a tie with long-sleeved clothing. Tie with a short-sleeved clothes looked like the lower class, or rocker who want the concert.

3. Dirty shoes
Did you know, if women are so sensitive to the cleanliness and tidiness? They will know you are clean or not quickly just to see your shoes. Make sure your shoes are clean shiny previously out place to stay.

4. Shoes furrowed
Strive to have partly used the shoe to move your activities. Shoes wrinkled as a result of your shoes often worn without a break. At least if you have the majority pair of shoes, the shoes will be durable and long lasting.

5. Pants extension
Length pants to the ground and dragging, ought to be cut. Or if not ever fold the stands side.

6. Determination of the wrong color socks
Equalized color socks you use the color of your pants, not the shoes. It will look more better and fit.

7. Determination of color belt
Equalized belt color you use with the color of the shoe. If you are a shiny belt, make sure your shoes are too shiny.

8. Clothes-breasted, with everything covered buttons
Bright when you do this sort of thing, you would seem someone covered from the psychological side. Make sure there is a minimum of buttons open one of all the buttons. Except when you are wearing a tie.

9. socks are long enough
You do not want all your legs seem not? Especially when you sit cross-legged. Make sure your long calf-high socks. Do less.

10. Clothes matted
Means you must not bring air wherever you go. Strive when you buy clothes, clothes that do not easily tangled.

11. Using the very many colors
As has been explained in the article on men’s fashion guide, limit your shirt with optimal semasing three colors or shades are coordinated to protect views

There is often where mistakes are wearing your clothes? There was no erroneous when begin the second you start rushing to repair the way to wear your clothes.

The culinary That Make Happy Travelers


The culinary That Make Happy Travelers – There are three things in common with the city of Bandung. First, the row Factory Outlet, fashion shopping paradise that must be the purpose of women’s hunting clothes. The 2nd is the right kind of culture amaze. There are several attractions of Bandung, which shows the cultural richness of Bandung as a joint Angklung music and puppet show. As well, the third is a rich culinary delicious taste and has been popular.

you will not be difficult to discover the attractions of Bandung, which sell a variety of culinary tasty. It’s just this occasion we will review the culinary type 5, which you must stay in Bandung taste along with a complete and tips his price.

1. Lotek MACAN
Lotek is a typical cuisine of Sunda between seemingly similar to gado-gado. Pieces of boiled vegetables such as kale, beans, beans, cabbage, bean sprouts, tofu and rice cake, combined with pulverized peanut sauce immediately ordering time. The most popular in Bandung, Lotek Tigers Tigers found in the street, at number Lodaya. Come before noon approached because after noon, the menu has a lot of runs. To enjoy it you just spend the 15 thousand – 25 thousand to complete a portion of the drink.

2. Warung CEU MAR
Bandung Tourism is not yet complete, if not been to culinary evening, as well as the present one in which Warung Ceu Mar. Has the form of a buffet and serves a variety of Sundanese cuisine such as fried chicken seasoning yellow or obese. But most hunters caught the interest some tasty culinary ie meat soup and goulash meat. To stop at the point Ceu Mar airport you have to get ready for bed till late at night because the shop is not open at around 9 pm until 4 am. Her price range at 15 thousand – 30 ribuuntuk a large portion of goulash meat, rice, complete with drinking.

3. MI Kocok KEBON Jukut
If you happen to put on a train to visit Bandung, Mi Beat Kebon Jukut so this may be your first choice culinary. There are fitted next to the shop Kartika Sari Kebon Jukut branch, the front door of the train tracks north Bandung Station. Mi shake cursory noodle soup similar to the public, but which distinguishes that kikil pieces and boiled bean sprouts. Bowl today its price around the 20 thousand to 25 thousand. Slightly more expensive but so is indeed comparable to the flavor-taste.

4. Tahu kupat gempol
Kupat know this is really popular among some admirers of the culinary. Chunks of tofu combined with rice cake, and then washed down with a creamy peanut sauce. Handful of chips so the balance of savory sweetness that comes from the nut sauce. These foods include low-cost, sepiringnya appreciated 10 thousand. But be prepared to wait in line because the shop is crowded Kupat Know Gempol favored customers ranging from morning until sunset.

Watches Men and Time Usage


Watches Men and Time Usage – As I have explained in the articles first, one between the object / main fashion for men is a watch. I do not know why there are some men who do not like wearing a watch. Although the actual classic accessory that you must have this, unless you can show social class can also show the characteristics that you want to show. Well correspond at my appointment, on this occasion my article reviews various types of watches men for a variety of conditions. Jual Blazer Korea

1. Formal Watches

If you often attend official events and must use the suit, there baikya you know the type of official timepiece with official design. Analog watch with the needle pointing that the prime hours for young executives and businessmen to attend to the demands of neatness and glamor condensed therein.

This timepiece such as various forms, one of them round, square, and polygon. The clock edge is generally made based matte, shiny, leather, gilded, ornate crystal.

2. Sporty Watches

The watch has a sporty types sleek, durable and flexible for all-weather. Watches of this type are made of high quality bermaterial. One of the advantages compared sporty timepiece is water resistant watch others.

Sporty watches usually have a chronograph design and equipped with technology such as odometer, altimeter, compass, GPS, urging blood, veins or completeness monitor support bustle.

Digital watches generally sporty appearance with plastic composition on the banks of the hour as a protection from impact and scratches. This watch is fit for you who like to do outdoor exercise.

3. Classic Watches

Watches with classic shades can be used for semi-formal situations or enjoy. One of the classic shape of the watch is a little dressier. He is simple yet charming and long lasting shape, the type is also not ketinggal times. This timepiece can be called the same as the figure james bond that always looks masculine but enjoy.

Silver classic timepiece so fitting used with semi-formal gray suit, blue or striped. Shortly gold watch worn snugly at night with a black suit and modern batik.

4. Casual Watches

This clock design that blend in official, classic and sporty. Material itself there are a variety of shaped steel, leather, rubber, plastic or imitation patent leather.

The benefits are many, can to opportunity and non-official official. This difference in clock classic timepiece that this clock has a design that is more up to date and stylish.

Casual watches are generally in the form of analogue, digital or both with advantages such as auomatic movement. For the digital type, casual watches are generally equipped with an LCD or LED that is suitable for the kind of casual dinner or feast day.

Each type of these watches have a variety that you can match it with the tastes and personality. NESS at least two types of watches for formal conditions and enjoy.

What Can Appear Attractive With faded jeans?


What Can Appear Attractive With faded jeans? – Have the most beloved jeans were torn because of age or consumed? The color has vanished because often one wash? No need to worry, jeans faded or often referred distressed jeans looks will always go back to being a trend, so put it well when you already have it. Jual Blazer Pria

Remember bebrapa is still in college when you use jeans as daily uniform? Although not a college kid again, one should not use jeans for a vacation, even that faded though.

Well, here you are mixing, matching skills needed clothes. Using faded jeans can cause a lot of output. May be cool, be ragged style of its content or can as if you deny the age to want to look like a college student.

Combining faded jeans that have slick will also be damaged, if the jeans were dirty and smelled bad because you do not fit the same quality detergent memberiakn suggested size when washing.

Guide uses faded jeans


Just one item are faded – Just because your jeans faded meaningless tops, shoes, and other accessories needed follow-up faded. Combine the tops, shoes, belt, or hat that is still good without cutouts or color fading. Jeans make you the center of attention that day.

Combine style by way of contrast – Combine jeans with a shirt or other accessory that looks neat or semi-formal. Determine the long sleeves and the bottom side put clothes neat. Use a belt and semi-formal shoes. Try to combine it with a semi-formal suit for an afternoon or evening event. When wearing blazer jacket, the lower end of the clothes can be passed outside the pants.

Pair it with a plain or simple – Define simple plain or patterned tops that The entire display is not too crowded and the concentration remains on the jeans. When very possible, specify the color in time for the bag, belt or shoes.

Use it in a way suitable – Determine the size of jeans that fit, do not be so tight or stands to the side of the heel stepped on. When you switch jeans so loose form or in a permanent way because of age, try to flatten in artisan makeovers back jeans that fit the body size.


Tops also faded – Unless you want to look ragged entirety, stay away from the boss rips faded filled with color disappear here and there.

Motifs and colors are very crowded – Jeans faded star you are most of the day, do not switch concentration to wear Hawaiian shirts or tops with motifs and color copies are not the same.

Full accessory – Once again, you faded jeans are a fashion statement you today, no longer needed the combined-toss with waist chains, baseball caps, leather jackets, as well as shoe laces are not the same color.

Types of jeans that sag – baggy jeans that used to sag with some panties peeking at the waist instead of concentration obscure your view. Again also this difficult style as called cool.

Care faded jeans

Not knowing your jeans faded because of age or because you intend to buy a kind of distressed, one drawback is prone to damage. On the torn, fabric fibers easily once unraveled. Not to mention that is still the color may fade.

When the state of jeans have what you want, you certainly do not want to make a more chronic spilled.

Here are three guidelines maintain faded jeans:

Because jeans material relatively thin and rigid, the washing machine will simplify your work.

Determine the appropriate preparation of the same washing machine and turning the jeans to avoid color fading. Use detergent quality, even better when you select a special liquid detergent for washing machines.

Determine the shortest wash cycle with common water and winds jeans to dry.

If you are desperate to wash by hand, use a common water and a mild detergent. Dub or lightly brush manner.

When attacked stains, wipe the side as soon as possible. Do not wait for the next scheduled cleaning.

Congratulations cool style with faded jeans!

Sipiso-piso, Niagara Scenic From North Sumatera


Sipiso-piso, Niagara Scenic From North Sumatera – For those who prefer to travel or take off tired of playing in the waterfall, waterfall this one so referral is right for you. There in the village Tongging, North Sumatra province and surrounded by green hills because of overgrown by trees that shade made waterfall is much visited by few tourists. Call it Sipiso-piso, a unique name for the name of the waterfall. Why is so? Sipiso-piso piso comes from the word that means the blade. Dropping water on the hill with a height of over one hundred mtr. that belongs to these waterfalls such as the blades are sharp, because the waterfall is named Sipiso-piso.

If you have the opportunity to visit this waterfall, the necessary travel from the city of Medan towards Sipiso-piso in Karo Area 2-3 hours. Can be reached by bus or car to Kabanjahe called capital of Karo Regency. Arriving there you have been able to enjoy the natural beauty of the hills.

To achieve Sipiso-piso prepared rung number several hundred, be careful in along the way to the waterfall basic. Because of the steepness of the ravine around him makes you should be extra careful. Several hundred of these stairs is the main access to the most basic to the Sipiso-piso.

Beautiful panorama of the waterfall is not supported by the availability of facilities such as dining and lodging. For those of you who want to look for accommodation Area Sipiso location-piso, you can look it up in the Village Area Tongging or can also be in Kabanjahe. From Sipiso-piso towards Tongging village with winding streets and derivatives, you can enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba from too far away. A cool air and the cold makes fitting so Tongging Village a place to sleep when you want to try the holidays are not the same situation.

Because of its beauty, this waterfall so the natural resources people boast for North Sumatra and especially for local people. Management of these attractions have been carried out by the Local Government Karo and wants to encourage tourism in North Sumatra.

Beginning Your Occupation As a Florist

Beginning Your Occupation As a Florist

Your desire, creativity, consumer services skills and also capability to work as a flower designer are enough to start your career as a flower shop. There are so many events where floral designer’s services come into usage such as wishing loved ones, on their wedding anniversaries, birthday celebrations or when you are attempting to make somebody feel very unique and so on. Being a flower shop, you first concern need to be the success of consumer’s goals.


Following are provided few recommendations that you need to think about to become an effective flower shop:


The first point you have to have as a flower designer is the desire for as well as interest in florals. This is necessary due to the fact that without desire as well as passion you could refrain from doing well in this career.


The second point which is called for from you is your creativity. You creativity would certainly be visible in the plan of blossoms right into various vibrant patterns. Every flower designer sets up florals to make bouquet but the question below is how your bouquet is different from various other flower designers. Consumers constantly look for high quality as well as unique layouts since everybody wants to be unique.


Although, official education and learning or training is not essential for this profession, having sufficient knowledge concerning numerous types of flowers would be a fantastic benefit. By having good understanding about various types of blossoms, you will have the ability to comprehend the requirements of clients properly.


Spending some time with flower designers that are already in this service and getting some helpful details from them will certainly help you a great deal throughout your flower designer job. If feasible you could function as a volunteer with any skilled flower designer to learn the fine art as well as abilities of this occupation.

Client service

Being a flower designer, you customer care are of significant significance considering that your client base relies on your desirable services. The better the services more will certainly be the customer base. You desirable client support and also services will certainly entice others. A happy customer is a large asset to your floral designer business.


Your integrity is close to your friendly client service. You have to be reputable for your consumers and also for this you need to fulfill the due dates and also supply the top quality service to your clients.

By maintaining all the above mention points in mind, you could end up being an effective floral designer. Consistently maintain these factors in mind in order to give good services to your clients.

Your desire, imagination, consumer solutions abilities as well as ability to work as a flower designer are adequate to start your job as a floral designer. Being a florist, you initially priority ought to be the accomplishment of client’s objectives. Every florist sets up blossoms to make bouquet yet the question right here is exactly how your bouquet is various from various other flower designers. Investing some time with flower shops who are already in this business as well as obtaining some beneficial info from them will certainly assist you a lot throughout your florist occupation. Being a flower designer, you client solutions are of major value due to the fact that your customer base depends on your desirable services.

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Send Flowers to Your Precious Via Online Florists

Send Flowers to Your Precious Via Online Florists

How fantastic will certainly it be, when you stand up in the morning and receive a blossom bokeh, might be it is the very best encounter worldwide for the people, especially for those, that are going through some challenging circumstances. Flowers are one of the most lovely and also smoothing recourses today. Every blossom includes some special significance as well as features. These are not only a gentle motion, yet additionally serve an objective of describing the people what you feel. The most renowned and also economical means to send flowers to your cherished, pal or to the person you appreciate is sending blossoms with online florist that offers you a number of on the internet choices to select the floral you intend to send to your unique one within a portion of time.

Generally, the on-line blossom shipment services cost you in simply couple of dimes compared to a person florist. The second major fact is that you don’t have to suffer through a 2nd individual and endure extra service charges. One more of its incredibly benefit is that you send flowers from a trust-able resource that guarantees the flowers distribution by the next day. Additionally you can choose the flowers you like, which are generally not readily available at the neighborhood floral stall. There are variety of florals to opt to! You’ll surely spend some time to choose the blossom for the unique time as not only florals are immensely elegant but there is an unique purpose behind every floral.

It is much essential to spend time while searching the florals to buy for some special occasion. Every blossom you select need to be fresh and hand chosen. You can find thousands of flower designers online, so it is necessary to choose sensibly. The majority of the purchasers do the usual error that they do refrain from doing the sufficient research and acquire the flowers from the unreliable resources. You will be provided by several flower designers that guarantees the fresh shipment of the florals by the following day, this isn’t really occurs in a lot of situations. It will be better if you have the ability to discover the users reviews concerning any type of floral website. Spend time in browsing believable flower providers as well as their on the internet reimbursement plans.

It is really convenient to purchase flowers on-line to send them right into any kind of component of the world. It is a huge pucker to select the blossoms as well as send them to the intended place. Unlike, the conventional blossom services, it is very simple to find the floral designers online as well as you do not require to go out of your house.

The most renowned and economical method to send blossoms to your cherished, friend or to the person you care about is sending out blossoms via on the internet florist that offers you several on-line choices to select the flower you want to send to your special one within a fraction of time.

Another of its extremely positive aspect is that you send out florals from a trust-able resource that makes sure the flowers distribution by the next day. You’ll certainly take some time to choose the floral for the unique time as not only blossoms are significantly stylish but there is an unique objective behind every flower.

It is quite hassle-free to buy blossoms on the internet to send them into any type of component of the world. Unlike, the standard flower services, it is really simple to find the florists online as well as you don’t require to go out of your residence.

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Health and wellness Conveniences of Lemon Juice

Health and wellness Conveniences of Lemon Juice

Lemons have lots of important food components, such as citric acid. In enhancement, lemon juice is used as a chemical and aids in stopping staining of the meat products.

Furthermore, you could additionally microwave lemons for a few seconds before juicing them. It will certainly assists you remove much more juice.

There are many health and wellness benefits of using Lemons. A few of them are:


Lemons protect against and also cure a lot of illness and bacterias.

As lemon juice is a rich source of vitamin C, it helps in enhancing your gums and teeth.

Lemons are likewise utilized to treat different throat problems including choking experience as well as itchiness.
Lemons likewise help in treating digestive system issues as lemon juice enhances the quantity of spit and also produces gastric juice, which is a digestive system agent. On top of that, lemon juice kills the digestive tract worms and eliminates damaging gases present in the digestive system tract.

Aside from this, lemon juice provides a tested relief in cool problems. Just half litre of water boiled in lemon juice removed from two lemons, then include honey. Take it at going to bed.

As the lemon has vitamin P, lemon juice also assists in regulating hemorrhage as well as protecting against capillary delicacy. Lemon is extremely reliable in dealing with hypertension problems. If you are feeling tired, you should have one glass of lemon juice as it provides you instant power and boosts blood circulation. Saturating your sore feet in very hot water as well as massaging them with fresh lemon juice is the very best means to comfort them. While hot water opens up the pores, lemon juice supplies a relaxing and cooling down activity. This treatment enhances comfy and also peaceful sleep.

Lemon juice provides not only internal benefits yet includes flavor and scent to veggies and fruits.

In enhancement, lemon juice is made use of as a chemical and also assists in preventing discoloration of the meat food products. Merely half liter of water steamed in lemon juice extracted from two lemons, as well as then include honey. As the lemon contains vitamin P, lemon juice likewise aids in controlling hemorrhage and also protecting against capillary frailty. If you are really feeling worn out, you should have one glass of lemon juice as it offers you instantaneous power and also improves blood circulation.

Warning! 6 This shopping application can create swelling bill

One factor advantages of e-commerce website is a website that you can access anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. However, what if we told you to have an easier way?Yes, through the application directly from your smartphone. Tech in Asia this time trying to give a list of e-commerce applications for shopping.

Some e-commerce players in Indonesia already has an application for its customers so that they can access more quickly and spend more when the sudden desire to spend money to come. Does this application make you more consumptive? Of course that is only able to answer you. With control literally in the palm of your hand, self-control is necessary to avoid a bloated bill at the end of index apk the month.


1. Lazada


This application is a portal directly to the e-commerce website belongs Lazada . When you first open the app, you will be offered the option to choose a country. This is certainly due Lazada operates not only in Indonesia but also in countries in Southeast Asia.

Shopping using this application is very easy and very intuitive control. To search for an item, for example, you can directly tap on the search bar at the top and start looking. Through this application, you will get a special promo and sometimes daily deals that have a fairly high discounts.


2. Zalora


Just like Lazada, the first time you enter into this app, you need to first choose the country where you want to spend. Zalora is an e-commerce website that specializes in the realm of fashion. So, he was also the first time will offer gender selection to sort the items they are selling.

On the main page of this application, you will immediately be given a catalog containing promo promo Zalora being held. On the side of the screen, you will find a tab that contains the product category multi of handbags, shoes, clothing to the fashion accessories. You also can search for products that are for sale .


3. OLX (


OLX or formerly known as Tokobagus is an e-commerce website which facilitates users to sell and shop. With the support of the number of users that much, OLX became one of Indonesia’s largest marketplace website.

When you first open the app, you will be given the option to choose an existing category from cars to services and employment. All you can find is in this application – depending on other users who want to sell their property, of course. Besides shopping, using this app, you can sell personal items you have.


4. Tokopedia 1


With the tagline “The Indonesian online mall” Tokopedia certainly figuratively entering a mall into your smartphone through apps they have. Tokopedia is a website where the marketplace in which the user can open their own shop to start selling online.

The application itself is fairly easy to navigate with a very clean look. On the homescreen menu, you’ll only find the category tabs and the hot list. Categories tab is where you can select any category that you can explore. While hot list tab is where you store your bookmarks . Unfortunately, this application is only available in the Google Play Store app store without the option of the operating system iOS


5. bukalapak


One application is somewhat unique. Instead of providing applications to the buyer, bukalapak is an application for the sellers to sell their wares. Bukalapak app is currently still in beta stage. However, our experience using it at all disturbed by the crash and lag as any.

By using this application, you can log in and register an account bukalapak, selling items you have, and share information through the social media sites that Ada. You can see the balance that you have in the platform bukalapak and melt through the balance of the account information tab. Bukalapak beta application is only available on Android for now.


6. Shoop


Shoop has a very unique concept and we believe it could be one of the best e-commerce applications in Indonesia if managed properly. It brings the function of e-commerce and social in one attractive package. With it, you can buy and sell as he made ​​friends with many other people who are also looking for or selling the same goods.

Armed with a clean look and color, you’ll feel very comfortable navigating in this application. When you first open the app, you will be offered an option to register an account using Facebook or Email. Once you’ve signed up, you will be given a choice of merchant accounts that you can follow to see their merchandise. You can also sell goods here and gained many followers.